Azub Buyers Guide

This buyer’s guide is published by Azub a manufacturer of recumbent trikes.

The reason I find it so interesting is that it covers a wide variety of components from tires to cranks. I found it very informative.

Burley Bike Trailer


After riding bikes for a couple years we decided we would like to get a little more adventurous so just recently we planned a bike/camping trip. Everything that we would need to camp with would have to be brought in with us on bikes. After a lot of studying and reading we decided on the Burley.

It performed above what I expected it to. We rode through sand and over gravel and you would hardly even know that I was pulling anything. We had tents, sleeping bags, cooking equipment etc.

I would highly recommend this bike trailer.

Nutcase Helmets

I have to say, that I love my nutcase helmet!!! When I started riding bikes I chose a regular bike helmet. It worked well for me but when I found the nutcase I loved the different designs and personalities they portray. It wasn’t until I received it and wore it that I realized the huge difference in this one and a regular bike helmet. It is more rugged for high impact protection. The internal pads and chin strap make forĀ a very comfortable fit. I love the quick release chin strap that provides one hand operation with the magnet closure. Protecting my brain from injury is very important.


Hitch Rider Rack For Trikes

IMG_2539Once I received my TerraTrike Tour II then I had the dilemma of finding a carrier suitable to carry it on my 2010 Kia Soul. Hitch Rider Racks out of Sunnyvale Ca. had just the one I was looking for. It fits on my little car perfectly with hardly anything sticking out on either side.

The carrier is a little heavy for me to install or remove by myself so I just leave it on the vehicle. It is very simple to pull a lever and the carrier folds down so I can easily get into the hatchback, load my groceries and then fold it back up.

When I am ready to take off and go on an adventure with my trike, I just fold the carrier down, load and strap down the trike and I am ready to go. The carrier is at a good level so that I can lift my trike by myself. I simply strap the trike down and I am on the way. I highly recommend this carrier and company! They were very helpful and fast on delivery.

My TerraTrike Tour II


I purchased a TerraTrikeTour II in August of 2014. I had never ridden a recumbent trike before but because of some health issues I ordered one. I have fibromyalgia and arthritis so a traditional bike was causing me a lot of pain. My hands and arms would go numb and riding just wasn’t enjoyable for me.

The recumbent trike puts you in a more natural, comfortable position. The seat is slightly reclined and your hands and arms are in a natural position down beside your body. The seat is very comfortable and no more having to wear the chamois padded bike shorts.

My TerraTrike Tour II is a 24 speed and is a tadpole trike. ( Tadpole is having two wheels in front and one in back. Delta is one wheel in front and two in back.) This trike is so very fun to ride and there really is no concern for balance issues. It is light enough for me to pick it up by myself and put it on my carrier.

We are going on a camping trip, which we will be biking in to a camp site. All equipment and personal items will be packed in two Burley trailers. We are looking for to our adventure and will give updates upon our return.