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Azub Buyers Guide

This buyer’s guide is published by Azub a manufacturer of recumbent trikes.

The reason I find it so interesting is that it covers a wide variety of components from tires to cranks. I found it very informative.

Why Cycling…?


Bicycling is one of the BEST forms of excersise you can do. It gives you a great cardiovascular workout and improves muscle tone and posturing. I walked for a long time and it was nice but it did absolutely nothing at all compared to bicycling. I can bicycle 15 minutes and get more excersise than I would if I walked for over an hour. You can feel the difference!! Not only can you feel the difference during cycling but you can feel it all day long. Bicycling raises your metabolism and you actually continue burning fat and calories long after you take off your helmet. I have read that studies have shown that the metabolic changes that occur during cycling can cause calorie burn to extenuate 12 to 36 hours after a ride. Now that seems like a long stretch and I’m no scientist but I can tell you “I FEEL BETTER” the entire rest of the day after a morning ride. I am more energetic, more focused, and have a more complete healthier feel and attitude. That’s right, bicycling in fact does often improve you overall mood, releasing hormones that cause you to be happier. That’s another fact that I can testify to. I always seem to be in abetter mood on days that I ride.

Bicycling saves money!! Taking the bike to the grocery, or out on that errand, or even to work saves YOU money!! We all know Gas is expensive. If it gets cheaper in my lifetime I will be surprised. You get a lot of perspective riding down the road on a bike watching all those cars going by and wondering just where are all these people going? No wonder there’s a gas shortage. Not pointing fingers, but we as a society have gotten so spoiled to jumping in the car every time it crosses our mind to run get this, go do that and we forget that “hey this is costing us”…

The best and MOST IMPORTANT reason to be on a bike is IT’S FUN!! The most important first step is to pick the right bike. The right bike will make riding and enjoyable experience that will better your health, save you money, and maybe change your life!!

God has created a beautiful world for us to enjoy living in. The best seat to see it from is the one on your bike…

Why The Bike?? I base “My Opinions” on facts and experiences. I LOVE CYCLING!! I have devoted a great deal of time to it, and hope to inspire others to do the same…

Rob Williams